So, how does our service work for you?

Why a tuition centre?

We work with pupils in groups of up to three. Because we have extended sessions of an hour and a half, there is more time within the sessions for pupils to complete work - therefore the tutor is able to give more feedback.

We also have a huge range of textbooks and worksheets - we can find any resources that your child is using in school and help them to consolidate anything they have been taught in school.

Our centre recreates a small, supportive learning environment that is the key to our success with pupils!

When are our sessions?

Our sessions run from Tuesday through to Saturday*.

Day               Session 1            Session 2
Tuesday        5.30pm-7pm         7pm-8.30pm
Wednesday   5.30pm-7pm         7pm-8.30pm
Thursday       4.30pm-6pm         6pm-7.30pm
Friday            5.30pm-7pm         7pm-8.30pm

*Saturday may not be available until after January

Do we involve parents?

We create an electronic folder on our system which contains a record of your child's work. You can access this at any time by clicking on the link we will send you.

By recording all the practice assessments we do with your child, we can track their progress an show you how they have improved over the year.

How much are the sessions and how do you pay for them?

The sessions cost £30 per week

We offer a discount of 10% when parents book a block session of ten weeks.

You can pay in cash when your child attends the session, or you can pay through your bank account each week. If you choose to pay a block of ten sessions, we will advise you when a new payment is due.

Does your child need to attend every week?

When we book a child into a session, we are booking the space and that space in the session is filled. We expect pupils to come every week, because we can't offer spaces on an ad hoc basis. 

Although we charge a £10 cancellation fee, we are able to waive this under exceptional circumstances.

Can you book your child in for more than one subject?

Yes! We try to be as flexible as possible. Some pupils do maths and English week about, and some of them attend two sessions during the week. We can also look at changing the subject during the year, as long as we have space available in the sessions. Just contact us to organise tuition sessions that suit you.